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Deindustrialisation: a fatality? From Péchiney to his memory: the transformation of Argentière-La Bessée

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National audience L’Argentière-La Bessée is a long-standing industrial territory. For several centuries, it hosts the Fournel silver mines before becoming an aluminous municipality in the 20th century with the arrival of the future SEMF, Péchiney. For more than seven decades, the industrial group will shape this territory and rhythm the lives of its inhabitants. When the plant was shut down in 1985, everything was shut down, from employment to the social system Péchiney. Thirty years later, and after a difficult period, the municipality shows a successful conversion. It focuses this conversion not only on local natural resources but also on its cultural resources: its industrial past. It was by shaping a territorial reconversion project, which was a means of synergy with cultural, sporting and economic networks outside the municipality, and based on strong political will at local level, that Argentinian society was able to push back the fatality of its deindustrialisation in order to take ownership of its reconversion.

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