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Political protest in Cuba during the shaky summer of 1808





The commemorative vorágine launched in 2008, in which we are immersed at Ibero-American level and which is likely to continue with a similar intensity until 2012, at least in Spain, can give us the dangerous idea that much of what should have been known about such important historical moments will be solved with the countless publications that are coming to light in recent months and which will continue to reach the market in the immediate future. This has happened in all the major commemorations we have held in recent years, with the obvious examples of the 5th Centenary of Discover in 1992 or the centenary of the Cuban War in 1998. The public, whether specialised or not, has largely been overwhelmed and the consequences are that the editorial interest is trying to avoid these issues, with the honest exception of Colombian studies, which for decades have their own autonomy in the field of science and dissemination in Americans beyond commemorations.

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