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The High Council for Biotechnologies (HCB) received on 14 August 2018 a request from the competent French authorities (the Ministry of Agriculture and Food) for an opinion on dossier C/NL/06/01_001 for the renewal of the marketing authorisation for genetically modified eye line 123.8.12 (unique identifier FLO- 40689-6) for the import and marketing of cut flowers. This dossier was submitted by Suntory Flowers Limited to the competent authorities of the Netherlands on the basis of Directive 2001/18/EC. In accordance with this Directive, the European Commission has sent the Netherlands assessment report and the petitioner’s dossier to all the Member States, which have 60 days to comment, request additional information or object to the placing on the market. With this referral, the competent French authorities are consulting the HCB with a view to this, ahead of the Member States’ vote in the European Commission. The Scientific Committee (CS) 2 of the HCB examined the dossier at its meeting of 17 October 2018, chaired by Jean-Christophe Pagès. This opinion was adopted at the meeting and published on 23 October 2018.

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