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Mobility programs in the discourse of young Greeks : motivations, effects, role of foreign languages





The main subject of this research concerns the mobility programs, and more precisely their presence in the discourse of the young Greeks who participated in them. It aims to explore, on one hand, their perception of these programs, their motivations to participate in them and the effects of this participation, and, on the other hand, the role of foreign languages in their mobility journey. The purpose of this research is to give a general overview of the mobility of young Greeks in this context, their motivation and the influence of this experience at different levels and in several fields. As part of our research, we focused on European mobility programs. The target audience is former participants of the following mobility programs: Erasmus (1987-2013), Lifelong Program (2007-2013), Erasmus + (2014-2020). This research is characterized primarily as a qualitative study, with certain features of a quantitative study. The corpus is constructed with 164 responses to a questionnaire, 54 Success stories and 12 semi-structured interviews. Our theoretical framework is established from different epistemological contexts. First, we focus on terms related to the experience of mobility, and more specifically motivation, otherness and stereotype. Then, we develop the notion of identity to study those of European identity and citizenship. In addition, in the context of plurilingualism, we examine language policy at national and European level. The interpretation of our results helps to provide a clear picture of the mobility experience, as well as to determine its impact at different levels and in several areas, such as the linguistic repertoire, the representations and the identification of participants.

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