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The right despite everything: Tribute





Since Law, myth and reason (1980) writes with Jacques Lenoble until recent times what does the law serve? Customs, functions and purposes (2016) or The law, which is the subject of passions (2018), François Ost constantly questions the relationship of our societies to the law and its place in our contemporary societies. With the law, however, the aim is to pay tribute to the work and career of a central figure in contemporary law theory and also to the founder, with the regret of Michel Van De Kerchove, of what is sometimes referred to as the ‘Saint-Louis school’. Looking at the two poles of dialectics to which François Ost is so attached — criticism and reconstruction — the book offers an interdisciplinary look at the law, through the main themes that fed into the author’s thoughts. From the epistemological status of the right science to a question about the foundations and future of law and justice, from the links between law and literature to the legal environment and the ‘commonalities’, the approaches of his colleagues and friends are all reflex and critical. In that they are keen to make law subject to social sciences and, conversely, extra-legal norms from the point of view of law, they are faithful to François Ost’s approach. This friendly liber also offers a reflexion on his work by the author himself, in an interview with Manuel Atienza.

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