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Leaves of Africa: Study of the Sub-Saharan Africa Press

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In Sub-Saharan Africa, the press written almost two centuries of history. For a long time hampered by low literacy, however, its development was rapid in English-speaking Africa, where it played a role in decolonisation. Both as a cause and as a result of the aspirations for change, the African press has become an influential player in the democratic movement and the advent of new leaders in several states in a few years. The study of the location of the press and the analysis of the new readership, depending on the various geopolitical situations, raise the question of the role of the press in building African public opinion that is emerging at the end of the 20th century. As a specialist in African media, the author has already devoted two volumes to radio and television in Black Africa. Radios in Black Africa, Paris, Editions Pédone, 1984. Black Africa and its televisions, Paris, I.N.A. — Economica, 1992.

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