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The dramatic versions of the Vie de Saint André



ID: <2268/113474>


The article presents the four preserved dramatic versions of the life of Saint André: the section devoted to André in the Mystère des Actes des Actes de Simon Gréban; a Passion de Saint André in the Occitan language copied and played in 1512 in the parish of Puy-Saint-André in Briançonnais; a French mystery printed by the Paris printer bookshop Pierre Sergent around 1530, La Vie et mistere de saint Andry has eighty-six characters; and a history of Saint André still played in the 18th s in the Ramats, a small town of Piedmont. The study looks at the links between these documents, in an attempt to identify from the outset the material they convey the exchanges that may have taken place between Northern France, Dauphiné and the Italian Alps valleys. The important question is not so much that of sources but of the circulation of works, materials and patterns, and beyond that of the transfer of dramatic modes or professional practices. From this point of view, the documents relating to Saint André, spread over time and space, offer a privileged observation ground. This corpus demonstrates once again the intensity of cultural exchanges between regions and language fields in the Middle Ages. These texts also invite us to go through three centuries of theatre history and show how the tradition of mystery has been perpetuated in the province until the 18th century, turning into contact with the tragic humanist.

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