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The principle of equality in the organisation of society. Emile de Laveleye. An intellectual serving the City


Emile de Laveleye (1822-1892) is a professor of political economics at the University of Liège. Graduated in law, he has published a large number of articles and works relating, in particular, to the organisation of society and the State. Her written submissions show a strong concern about equality. This book invites the reader to discover Emile de Laveleye’s thinking in order to identify the place he attaches to equality in the organisation of society. To this end, several of his written texts are reproduced and preceded by an introductory analysis in order to identify as much as possible the concept of ‘good’ government advocated by the Liegeois professor. This book is aimed at a wide audience who wants to put into perspective the organisation of our contemporary political societies in the light of the thoughts proposed by Emilile de Laveleye in the 19th century, which, undoubtedly, has always been an intellectual at the service of the City.

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