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Performing a persuasive function in guard texts



ID: <26938>·DOI: <10.18778/7525-856-1>


Publication is a recognition of the persuasion mechanisms of linguistic material, which has not yet been the subject of linguistic investigations. It presents the specificity of guard text — an interesting and coloured type of speech, focusing on the pragmatic dimension of daily language communication. The author referred to the text corps of direct, live contact with rural residents, highlighting the particularly important elements of the message that best mobilise the audience to act in accordance with the broadcaster’s intentions. In the first part, the author deals with the question of the mechanisms and modalities of inducement, indicating the different positions of linguistic experts and representatives of other scientific disciplines: political scientists, lawyers, philosophers, sociologists, psychologists to recognise the relationship between persuasion and manipulation; in the second, it examines the direction of persuasive effects in guard texts by: the choice of vocabulary and phraseology, the imposition of a method of value, the construction of sentences, the organisation of the text and the non-verbal means of communication. In addition, it compares techniques and measures of influence that exist in different types of discourse. Release of publications from the University of Łódź funded under the project ‘Scientific excellence key to excellence in education’. The project is implemented from the European Social Fund under the Knowledge Education Development Operational Programme; contract No: POWER.03.05.00-00-Z092/17-00.

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