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The Coran, a literary production of late antiquity or Mahomet interprets in the ‘Arabic reader’ of La Mecque


This paper deals with the “collections” of the Meccan Arabic lectionary (Syriac : qeryânâ) or Muhammad’s exegetical activity in it. In several passages of the Meccan lectionary, Muhammad appears as interpreting passages or logia of previous Scriptures. The verb “to interpret” should be understood here in its double signification, i.e. “to translate” and “to explain”. The practice of the targum existed before him among the Jews who explained in Aramaic (or translated into Aramaic) passages of the Hebrew Scriptures so that the believers could understand them. The same practice existed also in the Syriac Churches which had at their disposal the Diatessaron and several lectionaries containing chosen texts for the liturgy.

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