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Towards new tools for Digital Studies


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Anthropology, sociology and all humanities and social sciences are now facing the digital challenge. A widely used approach in the United States, known as the Digital Humanities, is often limited to studying how SHS make use of digital technology. Our approach in this article proposes, within the general framework laid down by B. Stiegler, not only to observe but also to design tools that can be used to rethink the epistemological foundations of the various academic disciplines (and not just SHS). We will support in this article a collaborative video annotation platform used in the ANR Tic Tac project (2009-2011) on the analysis of creativity by trying to isolate the technical functions of this tool that specifically question: the methodology for sociological or anthropological analysis overall, the creation process in a context of technological innovation (EAA Garage project), the extension of creativity in the annotation tool, see collaborative editorial tools experienced by the Iri in other contexts such as film analysis. We refer to Bernard Stiegler States of shock, betates and know in the twenty-first century, Mille and a night, jan 2012, now anthropology, Sociology and all the Humanities and Social Sciences are Confronted to the challenge of the digital. A comment made idea in the United States and named Digital Humanities as generic term is often reflected to the ways Social Sciences and Humanities are using the digital. Our approach in this article, referring to the work and concepts defined by B Stiegler, not only a study of the design of tools which could allow us means and ways to consider epistemological approaches of academic disciplines at large. We will take as example an annotative collaborative software of video design and used during the ANR project Tic and Tac (2009-2011). Within this software we analyse the creativity process trending to isolate it from the technical capacities of the programme. These capacities are questioning: — sociological and Anthropological methodology of analysis of creativity in a context of innovative technologies. (Project Garage CEA), — creativity process in an annotative technology or during a collaborative development developed at IRI with the analysis of films. We refer to the book of Bernard Stiegler States of shock, betates and know in the twenty-first century, Mille and a night, jan 2012, La Antropología, la sociología y todas la Ciencias humanas y sociale se encuentran hoy en día confrontadas al RETO de lo digital. There is a corriente muy extendida una in las Estados-Unidos y definida bajo el termino genérico de Digital Humanities that se reduce a menudo a estudiar cómo las SHS utilizan lo digital. Nuestra de estudio en este artículo, en cambio, propone, dentro del marco general propuesto por B. Stiegler, no solamente observar sino también concebir Herramientas que permitan reOEDar los fundamentos epistemológicos de las diferentes disciplinas Academmicas (y no solamente SHS). Our basaremos en este texto en una plataforma de anotación colaborativa de Vídeo utilizada en el marco del proyecto ANR Tic Tac (2009-2011) sobre el análisis de la Creatividad, e intentaremos discernir las funciones técnicas de esta herramienta. Estas funciones ponen precisamente en cuestión: the metodología de análisis Sociológica o antropológica en terminos globales, el proceso de innovación en un contexto de innovación tecnológica (proyecto Garage du CEA), the extensión de la Creatividad en la herramienta de anotación así como en las Herramientas de editorialización colaborativa expert imentadas por el IRI en otros contextos como el del análisis fílmico.

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