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Ènology and clinic of autism and schizophrenia

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This article proposes to extract the original clinical traits of two subjective modalites: autism and schizophrenia are based on three axes: precocite, deceptive and symptomatology; existence, body, suffering, time and space; and subjective position, logic and evolution. In a few areas, autism is open to debate. In contemporary discourse he moved from the category of psychological illnesses to that of invasive developmental disorder at that time, contrary to what was suggested by L. Kanner and H. Asperger and at the same time fell within the scope of disability. From a structural point of view, the debat is different, in terms of autism as a transclinical syndrome or autism as a special subject, clinical variete has to link the psychotic structure to the odds of schizophrenia, paranoia and melancolie, or autism like primitive plutot schizophrenia, or a structure that has been fully communicated. If I believe that autism is not out of language but on the edge, and that it is from the point of view of the clinical structure, a-structure, this makes neither a fourth structure nor a psytic, but a particular way of securing it. Given that the scope of autism and what emerges from the field of schizophrenia come from the observed phenomenes and clinics, the purpose of this article is to specialise in this way by asking whether the solutions and inventions of the autism belong to a unique logic which is spoken and taught by high-level autistic autists, which is distinct from schizophrenic psychosis.

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