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Understanding the Changing Concepts of Halloween in America





America has many cultures and most of them brought by the immigrants, as multiculturalism country it provides the people with freedom to explore themselves with many positive ways, what becoming the issues nowadays is about the origin of certain culture and how it can be part of American culture. Halloween is very famous in many parts of country around the world because some of the countries celebrated this day, in America itself celebrated annually with different ways in each state. Halloween has been being part of American culture, this is one of the important celebrations, here will be discussed about the original ideology of this celebration and the changes which happened in American Halloween. For this case, creolization as theory is able to explain about the study because of the fundamental statement was none of culture is original and there must be influenced by other; furthermore, this study will be clearer with qualitative method and descriptive analysis, at the end of discussion hopes would find the changes that happened in American Halloween.

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