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Insanity in Medical Teachings of Islam
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For downloading the full-text of this article please click here. Background and Objective:The medical teachings of Islam have numerous recommendations for the health of body and soul. Part of these teachings is about mental illnesses such as insanity. Islam has given many instructions to cope with insanity. Besides, organizing these recommendations and explaining them are the aims of this research. Method: This study is a library research which has reviewed for words such as "insane", "madness", "jinn" and "touching" in religious texts and also for the aforementioned keywords provided in the databases of articles. All ethical issues were observed in this study and the researcher declared no conflict of interests. Results: Insanity has been pointed out in the medical teachings of Islam in two dimensions of prevention and treatment. In these teachings, there are many material and spiritual methods presented that have been examined in the present paper and ultimately up to twenty methods have been introduced. Findings in the field of research suggest that the issue of insanity in the related literature has been investigated only from the jurisprudential, legal, medical, and literary viewpoints, and no comprehensive research has ever been done on insanity using the approach of Islamic medicine. Conclusion:In terms of Islamic teachings, insanity is a severe illness and it is easy to prevent. Proposed ways of Islam to prevent and treat illnesses in general and insanity in particular are simple, inexpensive and natural. Prayers and demanding needs of the Lord along with practical measures for treatment and prevention corroborate psychologists' experiences. And eventually, Islam has considered all aspects of human existence and has given special attention to human dignity when dealing with diseases. For downloading the full-text of this article please click here.

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