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Minutes of reading: Gender inequalities in the family, at school and at work: compared approaches

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Since the comparative perspective is -Durkheim, it was stressed in time — at the heart of the sociological approach, the works that come under this banner spontaneously attract the attention of sociologists. And this attention is often disappointed because, by way of comparison, we often just juxtapose ‘national’ perspectives, leaving the reported comparative work to the attention of the reader. This issue of the Comparée Française d’Education Comparée is unfortunately no exception. Because if there are many texts on the Antilles-Guyana area (this volume seems to reflect a colloquium that took place there), the majority of contributions are based on French data, with a few exceptions: one text Martinique/Quebec, another France/Portugal and a compilation of international statistics. Again, with this question that many of the publications displayed as comparative often leave in the dark: why are the specific reasons for a particular country?

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