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From neoliberalism to social-populism?: The transformation of the economic programme of the Front National (1986-2012)

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The empirical analysis of developments in the Front National’s socio-economic programme since the 1980s shows that the party has gradually moved away from its original neoliberal preferences to adopt a redistributive, protectionist and interventionist agenda, the centre of gravity of which is now to the left of the economic axis. This ‘welfarisation’ was accompanied by an increasing salience of economic challenges in 2012 and a significant reduction in nativist and social-conservative anchorages, but the NF retains its status as a ‘niche’ party focused on cultural issues and has not completely departed from some of its neoliberal markers. The presence of a strong populist component is also evidence of the adjustment by the lepenist to the crisis context, but raises the question of the existence of a stable structural space for its new socio-economic offer.

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