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Education. Finally, reshape the school


and if we were to do it instead? When it comes to inequality, the gap between speech and action is too big. The work of the Inequality Observatory gives a voice to researchers and researchers who have been working on these issues on a daily basis for years. Some have just published their initial work, others have devoted their entire professional career to it. From school to income, public services, health and gender inequalities, they define their scope. Economists, sociologists, lawyers, philosophers, demographers: the book “What to do against inequality? 30 experts are committed” gives justice to work that is too often unknown to politicians. Researchers who ‘find’, they are to be found if they are sought. If these women and men were to be listened to as much as the pseudo-experts in the tele-desks, their proposals could feed into public policies that are more in line with people’s expectations and give new meaning to politics. One year before the presidential election, ‘What to do?’ is not a Bréviary of the equality activist, a political party speech. Its contributors have not colluded, do not always agree with each other and the IAG does not necessarily share each of the ideas put forward. But they share the sense that there is an urgent need to take a step forward and to discuss how to move forward. We wanted to open a box of ideas, which needed to be completed in line with the progress made by specialists and the topical nature of inequalities. This new book is aimed at all those who want more equality in practice. And, of course, those who govern us and who have the means to act.

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