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New technologies creative misuse in Contemporary Art Practice. Case study: artworks Technofossil I & Technofossil II.





[EN] The use of materials, processes and techniques in a way contrary to the norm and with a critical intention, is something that we can find in various artistic manifestations since the beginning of the twentieth century. However, it is with the emergence of new electronic devices in the middle of the century and their increasing accessibility, how this way of doing takes on a new dimension and becomes an extended resource within the contemporary art practice. In the following work this subject is approached from a theoreticalapractical perspective, through the analysis of a series of works of own production that, by the nonanormative use or stipulated as the correct one of diverse technologies, try to connect and conduct the reflection on several issues of global scope concerning both the image and the impact of the technique at different levels. Combining freely the use of tools such as 3D printing or stereoscopy, around certain materials extracted from one of the cemented beaches of the Basque coast, an enclave considered as paradigmatic in defining and studying the geological stage that has come to be called Anthropocene, these pieces deal with issues related to the modes of circulation of the image nowadays, as well as to the current validity of notions such as representation or mimesis, aspects related to the incidence of the mass media and of technology both socially and individually, or ideas linked to the alteration and modification of multiplicity of natural processes as a consequence of human activity.

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