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Green Hangar: densification project city of the Fallero artist of Valencia



ID: <http://hdl.handle.net/10251/121142>


[ES] Project to intervene in the district of Ciudad Fallera de Valencia. Due to the location and needs of the environment, a design adapted to the industrial area is used to cover the creation and development of faults in the authorised warehouses. Given the perceived disadvantage of the lack of space in these warehouses, the solution provided by the Green Hangar provides ample open spaces for the artistic work that the faults require, including its transport process and more comfortable access. Large outdoor spaces are designed for public visits they can receive for observation or tourist routes. High-altitude indoor spaces offer environments related to faults in different strands of artistic work, as well as spaces that are suitable for proper audience coverage. Urban elements are also planned as tarpaulins for solar protection and street furniture consisting of seating areas, fronted vegetation and lighting elements on them for the creation of common spaces and social relations around the hangars. Palau Bascuas, FJ. (2014). Green Hangar: densification project for the city of the Fallero artist of Valencia. http://hdl.handle.net/10251/121142 Delegate Archive

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