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Financial economic impact of football in Spain





[ES] The main objective of this endpoint work is to explain the most relevant and influential aspects of professional football in Spain, at financial and economic levels. In order to be able to show an overall view, but at the same time detailed on the main influencers we will explain and analyse the following topics: 1. Market survey of players. 2. Study by La Liga. Ordinary and extraordinary profit or loss. 3. Analysis of annual accounts first division teams. (3 first classified) 4. Comparison of income/results. 5. Spanish fugitive debt to the Treasury. 6. Representation of DAS in the Spanish league. 7. Development of female football in the last years 8. Economic consequences of participating in international competitions. The point of further development will be the analysis of annual accounts, as we will prepare analyses of liquidity, borrowing, PyG, EOAF, financing needs, economic and financial returns, working fund analysis, SPV and ECPN. We will also look at the current inflation on the player market. Another point to be addressed will be one of the most important institutions such as La Liga, we will analyse its funding as well as its results based on its revenue and expenditure. We will carry out an analysis of the importance and differences of the revenues of each team, and compare them with the results based on the last campaign. We will study the Sociedades Anónimas Deportivas that exists in the league, as well as their importance within Spanish football. Another aspect that has increased in recent years and its media impact has been female football, which we will address profoundly and see its transition over the last decade. Finance also plays an important role, which is why we will analyse the high tax rate for clubs and players, and the large debts they generate, as well as issues that are very present today, such as fraud. Finally, we will go out of national level and analyse the importance of revenues from European competitions for national teams, as well as a comparison of the Spanish league with the main European leagues. Pérez Alonso, J. (2019). Financial economic impact of football in Spain. http://hdl.handle.net/10251/124909

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