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Gamification as a new trend in online communication strategies


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Drive (Psychology)
Action, Psychology of
Motivation (Psychology)
Psychology of action
Novellas (Short novels)
Mass communication
Communication, Primitive


Theoreco-practical study of gamification and its different forms of application in online co-location strategies. After a tour of the origins of gamification and its key foundations, I draw up a comparison of 6 gamification systems that helped me draw different conclusions. My aim has been to draft a document that can help future developers and organisations to know how a gamification system works. On that basis, consideration should be given to whether gamification is a useful tool for achieving the objectives set, as it is not always useful to include points and classifications across the board. In my view, today’s gamification is based on extrinsic rewards such as points, classifications or medals due to the novelty of this trend and the fact that users are still first in this field. I believe that the greatest potential of gamification will come when more research is carried out into the intrinsic motivation of humans, which will provide us with real experiences through stories. Delegated archive

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