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Formal control of technical information and graphic representation of an architecture project





Nowadays, there is a considerable documentation to present in an architectural project, both in the graphically and in the writing part. The traditional system consists in combine several programs, each one dedicated to a part of the project, without being coordinated between them. In this study it is going to be presented and analysed the new BIM (building Information Modelling) technology system that starts from a unique information model, as well as a powerful work tool that is Revit, based on the BIM technology, through the case study of a construction project of a house among medians housing. This tool is much more efficient in terms of quality and time, when developing the graphical documentation of the building project and it is a quicker way to obtain updated information at all times to include them in the written documentation part. As it will be seen in this study, nowadays the BIM model can be linked to different programs, such as Design of Structures (Cype, Tricalc,...), of Measurements and Budgets (Arquímedes, Presto,…), of Facilities (Cype-Mep,…) and Energy Efficiency and Sustainability. TFGM

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