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The grafism of the structure in the Wasmuth Portfolio





To focus on the graphics of the structure in the Wasmuth Porfolio, we must first know the figure of Frank LLoyd Wright and thus better understand his work as a reflection of his architectural trajectory. Frank LLoyd Wright, a figure relevant when we talk about the history of architecture. Its implementation is determined by several stages, the stage that we are developing here as a result of its maturity and professional integrity. In order to project this work across Europe, he creates the Wasmuth Porfolio, which will compile all his previous work with the aim of promoting himself professionally and becoming a reference point. This final work thus takes on the challenge of carrying out a study of the sheets making up the Wasmuth Porfolio. In particular, the structural grafism which he represented and thus to enable his work to be disseminated and to remain in time. Cantavella Franch, I. (2016). The graphics of the structure in the Wasmuth Portfolio. http://hdl.handle.net/10251/74019.

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