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Highly efficient genomics-assisted development of a library of introgression lines of Solanum pimpinellifolium



ID: <http://hdl.handle.net/10251/80397>·DOI: <10.1007/s11032-014-0141-0>


Grandillo S, Chetelat R, Knapp S, Spooner D, Peralta I, Cammareri M, Perez O, Termolino P, Tripodi P, Chiusano Ml, Ercolano MR, frusciant L, Monti L, Pignone D (2011) Solanum sect. Lycopersicon. In: Kole C (e) Wild crop relatives: Genomic and breeding resources, vol. 5., VegetablesSpringer, Netherlands, pp. 129-215

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