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Digital Segusio: from models generation to urban reconstruction





[EN] The reconstructive study of the urban arrangement of Susa in the 4th century arose from the intention to exploit some resources derived from local studies, and survey activities, fulfilled by innovative methods from which the modelling of architectural heritage (AH) and virtual reconstructions are derived. The digital Segusio presented in this paper is the result of intensive discussion and exchange of data and information during the urban landscape documentation activities, and due to the technology of virtual model generation, making it possible to recreate the charm of an ancient landscape. The land survey has been accomplished using aerial and terrestrial acquisition systems, mainly through digital photogrammetry from UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and terrestrial laser scanning. Results obtained from both the methods have been integrated into the medium scale geographical data from the regional map repository, and some processing and visualization supported by GIS (Geographical Information System) has been achieved. Subsequently, with the help of accurate and detailed DEM (Digital Elevation Model) and other architectural scale models related to the ancient heritage, this ancient landscape was modelled. The integration of the history of this city with digital and multimedia resources will be offered to the public in the city museum housed in the restored castle of Maria Adelaide (Savoy dynasty, 11th century), which stands in the place where the acropolis of the city of Susa lay in ancient times. A special acknowledgment goes to the Foundation Cassa di Risparmio di Torino, who made the realization of this work possible (through a loan granted under the "Exponent Project 2015"). The city of Susa and the architect Maria Pia Dal Bianco (castle restoration and setting up of the Civic Museum designer), who participated actively in the initiative's success. The DIRECT team (working in the field of advanced technologies, 3D Metric survey, for the on going education of students from the areas of Architecture and Engineering in relation to the promotion and protection of the territory and built heritage) participated in the survey campaign and data processing in 2013, and above all Elisabetta Donadio. We would also like to thank Dr. Enrico Maggi –PhD in Arch.– who has deepened the study and the graphic representation of the walls of Segusio. Spanò, A.; Chiabrando, F.; Dezzani, L.; Prencipe, A. (2016). Digital Segusio: from models generation to urban reconstruction. Virtual Archaeology Review. 7(15):87-97. https://doi.org/10.4995/var.2016.5874

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