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Development of a real business project in the food sector





[ES] This work consists of describing a whole real entrepreneurial process of a food business business and creating a brand called SWAPPER. This company is created on the basis of a product idea different from what is currently on the market. To this end, a business plan will be developed, comprising an introduction explaining where the idea arose, the reasons for which the entrepreneur has carried it out and a comment on the subjects studied throughout the career that have been useful for the entrepreneurial process and for the implementation of that plan. A strategic analysis will then be carried out focusing on the micro and macro environment in which, using tools such as PEST, PORTER and SWOT, the company’s competitors and weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities will be studied. Furthermore, the organisational structure of the company’s operations will be explained. The legal form that the company will adopt, the mission, vision and values of the company, a description of the structure of human resources and the entire manufacturing process, purchases, stock management and expansion of the company will be discussed. This is accompanied by a marketing plan setting out the market strategy in terms of target, product strategy, pricing strategy, communication and distribution strategy for these products. The financial viability of the project will also be examined by means of a financial plan representing the investments made and the financing methods employed by the company, the forecast of future sales and a forecast of the accounting position (balance sheet, profit and loss account for the first years). In short, the purpose of this GTF is to show, describe and analyse the business case and examine the viability of the project. Sebastián Margarit, J. (2017). Development of a real business project in the food sector http://hdl.handle.net/10251/89305.

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