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Adaptation of premises in the BIC environment of the Palacio de los Catalá de Valeriola


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[es] The site in which the Generalitat’s bookshop is planned is located on the bottom of the building belonging to the complex of the Catalan Palace of Valeriola recayente to the C/Navellos complex and built between 1700 and 1730. In order to reach the initial state of the premises, from which we will start to carry out the proposed project, various preliminary work must be carried out to restore the original volume of the building by removing fake and fake walls that hide the old paramps (walls and beds), thereby restoring their original dimensions. Subsequently, with the original elements in sight, the possible deterioration of these elements will be assessed in order to take the necessary action. In addition, since this is a cultural asset, an archaeological study will be carried out for approval by the Consellería de Cultura (Ministry of Culture), which is a precondition and essential precondition for obtaining a municipal licence to carry out works for the fitting-out of the premises for the installation of the Generalitat’s bookshop. The fitting-out of the room shall be based primarily on actions on coatings, distribution, carpentry; exterior and interior, facilities; electrical, sanitation, plumbing, air-conditioning and safety. A detailed and detailed historical study has been carried out on the property, gathering as much information as possible in order to shed some light on its original condition and use. The need to know its origin and evolution has also served to make a proposal for intervention that would give it a new and different benefit to the function of housing for nurseries, for which it served for centuries. Similarly, knowledge of the morphology and the construction techniques with which the property was built and transformed in the past has served as a basis for returning to it some of the lost characteristics. The proposed use as an institutional bookshop will support the commercial and tourist revitalisation of the neighbourhood, providing the building with a new functionality at the service of the citizens of Valencia. The aim of this work is to raise awareness that the need to have knowledge of the past of a historic building, before acting on it, is very important in order to restore its value and meaning. Similarly, we would like to justify that the application of compatible uses of this heritage is beneficial both for citizens and for the institutions themselves, demonstrating that adding new functionalities helps to be respected and not to be forgotten. Gómez Forés, JM. (2017). Adaptation of premises in the BIC environment of the Palacio de los Catalá de Valeriola. http://hdl.handle.net/10251/89323.

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