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IDEARQ: A Cultural Heritage SDI for archaeological research data in the Iberian Peninsula





Although there is not a thorough implementation of Cultural Heritage within the INSPIRE Directive, it is included in the Protected Sites theme, therefore considered as reference data. IDEARQ is an interoperable archaeological SDI developed from the Cultural Heritage Application Schema (CHAS), a proposal that endeavors an adequate integration of Cultural Heritage data within INSPIRE. The data model proposed by the CHAS tries to integrate real-world cultural entities (archaeological sites, in this case) inside the INSPIRE Directive, left apart by the Protected Sites Data Specification that focuses only on the legal definition of the protected site. IDEARQ is a platform aimed at the dissemination of georeferenced archaeological data series of the Iberian Peninsula (mainly analytical as well as documentary), product of the research carried throughout many years within the archaeological research groups in the Institute of History of the Center for Social Sciences and Humanities CCHS of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). It has been jointly developed by the GIS Laboratory (uSIG) and the Landscape Archaeology and Remote Sensing Laboratory (LabTel) of CSIC. It provides OGC-compliant WMS based on the localization of archaeological sites, gathering data relative to the chronological and typological characterization of the sites and related information as a basis for the organization of substantiva research results. Nowadays, the platform includes data series on postpaleolithic rock art , radiocarbon dates and bibliography.

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