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Outsourcing and public-public cooperation: different angles under Dutch law



ID: <http://hdl.handle.net/2078.1/189807>


I. Introduction/II. New procurement law/A. Involvement/B. public-public samenwerking/1. Below thresholds/a) Vertical cooperation/b) Horizontal samenwerking/2. Above thresholds/a) Preliminary reflections/b) Vertical cooperation/c) Horizontal cooperation/C. Conclusion/III. Market and Government Act/A. Introduction/B. Operation of the Market Act and Overheid/1. The scope of the wet/2 rule. The uitzonderingen/3 rule. The Code of Conduct/(a) Rule of Conduct 1: obligation to charge the full cost/b) Rule of Conduct 2: prohibition of favouring a public undertaking/(c) Rule of Conduct 3: prohibition of exclusive data use/(d) Rule of conduct 4: separation of functions in the exercise of public powers and economic activities/C. Recente ontwikkelingen/1. Sector studies ACM/2. Own-initiative note: Mr Ziengs and Verhoeven/3. Black book “Towards a new Market and Government Act”/4. Evaluation of the Public Market Act and the policy response of the Minister/D. Insert Probleem and solutions own-initiative note/E. Conclusion

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