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The ousted Carmes Couvent in Kamieniec Podolski. At the time of removal


On the basis of Kamieniec Podolski’s Kamieniec Podolski register, established by Samuel Czepacz, the provincial father of the Lithuanian province, the author presents the size of the canes community in the conveyance house when it was removed by the Russian occupying power. The manuscript used is all the more important as it provides crucial information on Kamieniec Podolski’s canes, including their provenance (place of birth), social background, age, training, and the description of monastic life with reprimands and penalties. This document also provides us with a number of information on other carm communities in Podolie, Volhynia, the Belarusian and Latvian Lithuanian territories. In view of the serious damage suffered by the archives to Poland’s former confines, this information is particularly important for the historical study of this Association.

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