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Femicide as the other gendered murder in Latin America

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From the early nineties of the 20th century Latin American region has experienced an endless wave of crimes committed against women. One of the most emblematic representations of this kind of violence are feminicides. It is estimated that every day in Latin America die approximately 12 women just because of their gender. According to the criminal statistics the country with the highest level of feminicide is still Mexico. Although the Mexican authorities, after the famous Campo Algodonero sentence from November 16, 2009, were obliged to introduce special public policies orientated to eliminate all forms of violence against women, the number of feminicides, supported by the impunity, drug trafficking business and corruption, is constantly growing. This essay intents to explain various concepts, both legal and sociological, related to feminicide. Special attention will be given to the way the press and media present a victim and a perpetrator of this kind of crime.

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