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Geverning Society : the Story of Two Monsters


This text examines the issue of “governance of society”. As a preliminary point, a review was carried out of the hobby’s founding myth as Lewiatana and its status in the contemporary social science discourse proclaiming the end of the nation state and the social project on which it is based. It then describes the genealogical areas in which the rules and mechanisms of public governance emerge and the social project from which they originate. This has been done both from the domestic perspective of clarifying the issue of governance and from the point of view of the international system of states and their location in the global order. The project of governance of society and its fate should not be assessed by reference to the concepts of life and death of Levitan as a nation state, but rather through the face of a battle between two horrors. This battle can under certain circumstances symbolise the relationship between the state and civil society, society and the economy, national and international, between land and sea, change and order, a nation state and globalisation.

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