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The Outlook of Health Promoting Mosques (HPM): A Review Study





For downloading the full-text of this article please click here. Background and Objective: Numerous studies have indicated the essential role of religious places in the promotion of community health. Therefore, this study was conducted to examine the role of religious places in communities’ health and to propose solutions for health promoting mosques. Method: This review study is based on PRISMA flow diagram probing in databases such as PubMed and Science Direct. To do so, 20 articles published over recent ten years were investigated. Based on the purposes of the research, the required data were charted and then analyzed. In this study, the ethical issues were all considered and the authors declared no conflict of interest. Results: As the Persian databases were searched, no articles in Persian related to health promoting mosques was found. All the articles found were in English conducted in Holland, the USA, Africa, Congo, and Kenya. The findings show that religious places and clergymen were vital in fostering will-rounded health. The common thread running through all these studies was promoting health, mainly done on spiritual health, cancer prevention, promulgating physical activities, individual and family health, organ donation, fostering social health, food health and nutrition, women and men’s health, end-of-life spiritual care, chronic pains, healthy lifestyle, social capitals, and self-care. Conclusion: Because of the differences in cultural and religious characteristics, it is essential to conduct a pilot study in Iran in order to design the regulations of health promoting mosques. In addition, establishing a collaborative committee between Ministry of Health and other organizations related to mosques can be fruitful. For downloading the full-text of this article please click here.

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