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On the origins of political science: the formalisation of political law in the constitutional and administrative framework





In this article we will analyse the first formulations of the so-called ‘political science’ in the middle of the 19th century. The opposition at the level of the treatment of the rule of law, between a reduction of legality to application in case-law, as proposed by Laband, and an analysis of the factual fields of intervention for administrative proceedings, as suggested by Von Stein, in this context, the attempt to formalise the policy itself by reducing the framework of conflicts, decisions and domains to gradual ways of proceeding leads to the formulation of a ‘political science’, unlike the 18th century Polizeiwissenchaft, which is at issue here, not a rule for administrative monarchy, but the formation of a political class of ‘profession’ that makes it possible to manage the interests represented by the democratic system of parties.

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