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Hospitality and Violence. On a possible religious ground prior to the secular state


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ID: <oai:doaj.org/article:08073a55affa40d58e0d0dad6731e55c>·DOI: <10.21500/01201468.2844>


The following article tries to think the relationship between violence and power, applying it to certain ways of conceiving religion between political and theological dimensions. From Girard’s thesis, we propose a broader reading, inspired by Ricoeur, which identifies religion with reference to an excess that can be accepted as an unconditional gift. In this dimension, the category of entertainment can reveal the place of an earlier meta-ethics and above the rights of states as a source of distinctions between self and foreign, domestic and foreign. Inspired by the absolute nature of hospitality, the idea of a nomadic religiosity is proposed, with the individual as the center, as the basis of democratic, anterior and criticism of too strict confinement proposed by the (national) territorial states political organization. In this sense, the (secular) state would be based on a (religious) ethics of hospitality, prior to itself, making this the regulative idea of its possible role.

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