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Madness Desert





Sayid Muhammedali Jamalzadeh, apart from being one of the greatest writers of Iran, was succeeded in different science fields such as investigation, translation, history, and critique. He laid the foundation of new style and new school in story genre by writing “نبود ویکی بود یکی“ (once upon a time). Jamalzadeh is considered to be the creator of new persian prose. Despite he had undorgone from productive writing period, his works were not published for decades. Only as a result of several scholars’ and Tehran University employees’ attempts, Sayid Muhammedali Jamalzadeh’s works were published in the upcoming years. One of the two novels given in “Muhammedali Jamalzadeh’s selected works” (2010) edited by Ali Dehbashi, “Madness Desert” (جنون دشت (is being translated into Azerbaijanian language for the first time. “Madness Desert” is a psychological novel and allows the reader feel the author’s awareness of human soul immediately. Many different lives are described in the underlined frame of the inequality and injustice. Author figures out how human soul is being established and destroyed by facing these difficulties. In addition, novel also reveals the deepest knowledge of Jamalzadeh in various fields like linguistics, literature and sociology.

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