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The article of survival in repairing the corruption of the air and freedom from the harm of the epidemics (Sacred Mohammad bin Ahmed Al-Tamimi) (


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) compels you to stop and disperse it at least. This book was released by the Institute of Arabic Manuscripts in Cairo in 1999, with the investigation of research professor Yahya al-Sharhar, who gave him a worthy introduction to him and her writer. This special book looks like those things that defy your senses and charcoal, or like an old friend you didn't expect to find in front of you at that moment. Why am I talking so unique about the book? The answer is simply that I would not believe that anyone could write a book on air quality and pollution more than a thousand years ago. I must say that none of our prominent Arab scientists, whether from his age or after, has dealt - albeit indirectly - with this important subject. Even more surprisingly, the author does not treat the subject as a dehydrated scientific material worthy of research, but treats "air corruption" as a requirement for healthy life, and thus connects everything to an individual's mental health. Therefore, the way it deals with the topic is very similar to what we now call interdisciplinary research, that is, those that require discussion of the subject from different angles. This is once again counted for the author and his book. Mr. Yahya Al-Sharra, the book investigator, devoted a full chapter to the scientific aspects of the book and did what he did, and it is not my intention to repeat what he said, and he is worth reading and meditating, but instead, I will focus on the basic scientific concepts currently followed in writing similar scientific books, and see if the author has followed some of them, and where is he wrong? Our author, for the first time, links diseases to the normal conditions of humans, and the relationship of disease to the quality of the water that the patient drinks and the air he breathes.

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