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Studies on urban dwellers in Colombia: taking stock and perspectives


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Germán Colmenares, in an evaluation of the historical research in Colombia carried out shortly before its death, pointed to the lack of research in urban history in our country and raised the need for studies on urban population and networks, as well as on the historical dynamics of large cities. Indeed, despite the remarkable developments in Colombian histography over the past three decades in economic history (land tendencies, production cycles, industrialisation, agricultural production, etc.) and in the history of some social processes, historians’ views on the city, its inhabitants and conflicts have started so far. The same applies to the history of sub-alternating classes; the enormous weight of traditional political histography and its exclusionary vision of the social role played by the ruling elites was not overlooked by the ‘New History’; this historical vision, influenced by the Annales, the New Economic History and Marxism, by emphasising the role of impersonal forces and the deep dynamics of demographic and economic structures, was of little interest in the historical presence of dominated social groups.

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