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Q’eros, Peru. The regeneration of cosmological relationships and specific identities through music





One of the main music objectives of the Andean community Q’eros is to re-generate and re-create good relations with the cosmos and the spiritual world in which he believes. In this presentation, I analyse how both the indigenous songs of Q’eros and the music and dance that the community has recently incorporated into Peru’s largest pilgrimage – Qoylluriti – achieve the effectiveness of the purpose through similar sound and aesthetic production techniques. Although the specific features of both styles (structure, scale and instrumentation) are significantly different, I deal with the way music production of both types shares the same approach and serves the same goal, whether it is an intimate ritual within the community or one shared with thousands of other people in the large region.Furthermore, the interpretation of the two types of music serves as a specific identity indicator for Q’eros, depending on their contextual use and desired identity at the time. In other words, music elections allow them to change their identity between that of Q’eros in their native community and that of mistness (mestizo) in Qoyllurit’i.

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