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The current performance of violence in Mexico: from feminicide to youth


Catalan, English, Spanish, Portuguese



The images of the violence started to upscale the map of Mexican territory from 2006, after former President Felipe Calderón declared the so-called “War Against Drug Trafficking”. The bodies multiplied. Some opened the clandestine graves or ‘disappeared’. Others were exposed in public places forcing people to live together with horror. Photographs of mutilated bodies became daily. The show of violence in Mexico, however, opened since the 90s with the mass murders of women in Ciudad Juárez and other cities in the north of the country. Femicide opened an expressive dimension of violence, which later moved to other subjects. In this article, I analyse the specific features and continuities of violence in Mexico from the visual point of view: What are the visible and invisible continuities between these forms of violence? What control devices do you respond to?

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