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Structural Anthropology as a Transcendental Philosophy


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Religion, Comparative
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Religions, Comparative
Religious denominations
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Anthropology, Structural
Structural anthropology
Mental philosophy


<div><p>There are at least three kinds of structure we find in Islamic socio-cultural phenomena. First is the binary oppositional structure, which has two kinds of variations : hierarchical and non-hierarchical. Second is the threefold structure which has three kinds of variations, the hierarchical, the non-hierarchical and the triangle, third is the fivefold structure.</p><p>Those structures are neither material nor spiritual. They are above the material, the behavioral, as well as the spiritual phenomena, but they are manifested, expressed in material, behavioral and spiritual phenomena. They are thus the transcendental structures in Islam. Are those structures universal ? Can we find them in other religions? To answer these questions we need to analyze data from other religions.</p></div>

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