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Editorial: COVID-19 assays. Studies on cultural rights, punishment and crime


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The magazine SED, Society and Rights, has emerged in the latest luxury as a new scientific publication that crosses the philosophy of law and legal sociology, addressing substantive issues and methods that are indispensable for understanding rights in contemporary society. The multidisciplinary and ecleptical approach taken to the magazine since its foundation has led to the best results that can be expected, making the working group working with the magazine a leak of ideas and tools for reading reality that unmistakably characterises our cultural project. From issue 10 in 2020, the electronic magazine will be characterised by a partially different structure. Each issue will be dedicated to a specific theme on which the Directorate will call for joint reflection; this will be complemented by other essays reflecting the breadth and variety of studies of general theory of law, legal sociology and criminology. The number I present today is devoted, to a large extent, to the effects on the legal system of the COVID-19 pandemic; reflections are devoted to this issue in the field of bio-politics (Zini), the right to health (Sartea), the criminal system (Sotis), education (Crocetta) and social change (Damiani). The reflection on the effects of the Pandemic will continue in the coming months. An article on the very recent Faro Convention and its consequences on the identification of ‘cultural rights’ (Chiara Antonia D’Alessandro) and two essays of foreign authors in English closed; the first criminological cut (Nurianto Rachmad Soepadmo) is dedicated to the criminal treatment of people with disabilities (particularly autism) in Indonesia. The second strictly philosophical cut (Virginia Giuli) is devoted to the concept of punishment in Aristotle. The challenge of reality is captured and met by the authors with great depth and legal sensitivity, and the essays we publish today will enrich the national and international debate on the issues discussed. Director Marco Quiroz Vitale

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