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“Debate” by Tomasz Lis and Jarosław Kaczyński


“Debate” between Tomasz Lis and Jarosław Kaczyński. Eristic techniques used during the television interview before the election of 2011 The parliamentary elections in 2011, accounted for another installment of the rivalry between the two major parties: Platforma Obywatelska and Prawo i Sprawiedliwość. The most expected moment of the campaign was the debate between the leaders of the two formations, which could help the undecided voters to compare the images and programs of candidates. Lack of TV duel major politicians, made the interview by journalist Tomasz Lis with statesman Jarosław Kaczyński has become a substitute for debate. Because of diversity of views of both interlocutors and the course of the meeting, the event attracted a lot of emotion and audiences. Eristic techniques used during the program could indicate the involvement of publicist, who wanted to prove the falsity of the image of politics. Jarosław Kaczyński mindful of the experience of 2007, when he lost the debate with Donald Tusk, this time prepared to meet substantially, using a variety of techniques. The aim of this article is to present the most important moments of the interview and evaluate the role of event made for the election campaign.

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