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The search behaviour of postgraduates in engineering


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Introduction/Objective: Study of the informational behaviour of postgraduates in Production, Mechanical, Aerospace and Naval and Oceanic Engineering courses, which make up the field of Engineering III of CAPES, analysing the ways of searching and obtaining information used by postgraduates and comparing the informational behaviour of subjects among the subareas included in the study. Methodology: The subjects of the research were learners of 20 postgraduate programmes with a score of five or more in the Capes evaluation. The data collection tool was an electronic questionnaire with 15 questions. The SPSS software was used to verify the existence of a correlation between active, passive and selected information sources. Results: The results indicate that post-graduates mainly actively seek information. They have difficulties in interacting with databases, they do not usually develop search strategies using keywords and Boolean operators. The most widely used sources of information were scientific periodicals, books, theses and dissertations. The comparison of results between the four areas showed no significant difference, which suggests that, despite the specificities of each sub-area, postgraduates have similar informational behaviour. Conclusion: It was concluded that the specificities of Engineering have little influence on the informational behaviour of students.

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