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Dynamiques des luttes paysannes et rurales dans les forums sociaux 2000-2010


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Social theory
State sovereignty (International relations)
Sovereignty--Law and legislation
Land utilization
Use of land
Land use
Utilization of land
Indigenous peoples
Native peoples
Indigenous populations
Native races
Aboriginal peoples


Embedded in sociology of collective action, this analysis is off-centred on peasant and rural struggles in social forums between 2000 and 2010. It explores the diversity of protagonists, protests, claims and counter-claims made on national, regional, continental and international arenas about the issues relating to food security, independence and sovereignty, agrarian reform and "Common Earth". Since the 2000s, community leaders, unionists and activists from the countryside have indeed occupied social forums at various workshops, plenary sessions, seminars, showcasing their struggles organized around challenging the exploitative relationships of class, caste, race and gender, demanding access to land and natural resources (water, seeds, forests, etc.), and highlighting the problems of "landless", Agricultural Day Labourers, small farmers, fishermen, indigenous peoples, displaced peoples, discrimination of women, etc. They mobilized themselves to defend their rights to existence, especially by denouncing the negative effects of liberal globalization, leading to over-exploitation of natural resources, privatization of land and/or “land-grabbing”, concentration and transnationalization of land ownership, agribusiness development, the patenting life, the destruction of local communities, forced migration, and the repression of social movements. The purpose of this paper is to examine how such issues are being internationalized and how peasant and indigenous - but also rural and urban - people’s struggles are converging. The paper also looks at the achievements of such efforts to assert the interdependence of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights and to get acknowledged the collective rights and duties of all towards the "Common Earth".

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