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From workers to soldiers: forced labour and conscription in Spanish Guinea and Eastern Nigeria, 1930-1970





This article connects two forms of coercion that are rarely analysed jointly in social and war studies. This is the experience of the forced migrant labour force and the experience of being soldier. Nigerians guide them, and especially those of the igbo ethnic group, were subjected to these two forms of coercion in the 60s, which for the many men who experienced them were linked to each other. Recruitment for agricultural work on the island of Fernando Po in Spanish Guinea since the 30s or 60s and recruitment to the army of the secessionist Republic of Biafra during the Nigerian Civil War (L 967-1970) were contemporary phenomena, following in both beautiful patterns of violence and arbitrariness. Analysing both episodes of the history of eastern Nigeria in a single interpretative framework suggests that, for those involved, the line between military service and forced labour was weak. Aquest article Connecta dues formes de coacciado that poques vegades són analitzades together in the students socials i of the war. He is a tracer from the experience of the mà d’obra forçosa Emigrant i l’experience ència de ser SolDat. ELS Nigerians orientals, i specialment els of the grup ètnic igbo, are going to be sotmesos to dues formos de coerció durant els ANYS 60, who are going to be linked to each other in the moults of homes that are experienced by them. The prisoner per a treballs of Fernando Po, part of Guinea espanyola, des dels ANYS 30 als 60, and the prisoner DINS de l’exèrcit of the secessionist Republic of Biafra durant the Nigerian Civil War (1967-1970) are to be Fets contemporanis with each other, as well as two employers’ cases Molt semblants de vioència i arbitrarietat. Analitzar ambdós episodis from the eastern Nigèria histoloria in a marc interpretatiu suggereix suggereix which, per aquells implicats, the lynia between military Servei and Treball forçat is Molt borrosa.

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