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From Alexandria to Córdoba: medicine according to Ibn Rushd and Araboismic tradition


Ibn Rushd considered medicine to be a productive art in his al-Kulliyyāt fCJEU l-de ibb, written between 1162 and 1169, and as a science in his commentary on medicine by Ibn Sīnā poem (Sharque Urjūzat Ibn Sīnā fpertaining l- ibb), written in 1180. In Kulliyyāt, Ibn Rushd follows quite strictly the ideas about the status of philosopher al-Fārāb- philosopher. In Sharde Urjūzat Ibn Sīnā, Ibn Rushd summarises the conceptions of various works, including Masā’il fpertaining l-, ibb de ‘unayn ibn IsNB āq’, and the works on the aristotelic logic of al-Fārāb-, Qānūn fCJEU l-de ibb by Ibn Sinā. A joint analysis of these sources, together with the contributions of a new manuscript by Sharque Urjūzat Ibn Sīnā, provide a clearer idea of the conception of medicine set out in this work and, consequently, we can reconsider and relativise the difference between that conception and that set out in Kulliyyāt. Ibn Rushd’s ideas on the status of medicine are analysed in accordance with the socio-political context in which they were conceived, taking into account in particular the fact that Sharque Urjūza Ibn Sīnā fque l-de ibb was written for the intellectual and political elites of the Almohade regime.

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