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From Alexandria to Cordoba: medicine according to Ibn Rushd and the Araboislámica tradition





Ibn Rushd considered medicine to be a productive art in its al-Kulliyyāt fMexico l-, ibb, written between 1162 and 1169, and as a science in its commentary to Ibn Sīnā poem on medicine, written in 1180. In Kulliyyāt, Ibn Rushd follows quite strictly the ideas on the medical status of the philosopher al-Fārāb. In Sharn Urjūzat Ibn Sīnā, Ibn Rushd summarises the conceptions of a number of works, including Masād’il f, l-, ibb de whatsoever unayn ibn Is, āq and relating to Ibn Sinā’ ubaysh, Qānūn f, l- ibb and the works on the Aristotélica logic of al-Fārāb. The joint analysis of these sources, plus the contributions of a new manuscript from Shar, Urjūzat Ibn Sīnā, provide a clearer idea of the conception of the medicine presented in this work and, consequently, we can reconsider and relativise the difference between that concept and that presented in Kulliyyāt. Ibn Rushd’s ideas on the status of medicine are analysed in line with the socio-political context in which they were conceived, in particular considering the fact that Shar, Urjūza Ibn Sīnā f, l-, ibb was written to the intellectual and political elites of the Almohade regime.

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