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Four socio-statistical considerations for reviewing the aetiology of femicide in Spain





This article deals statistically with four key factors for understanding the aetiology of femicide in Spain: nationality of victims and victimaries, suicide of victimaries and breakdown and assault in couples. The analysis carried out shows that in femicide in Spain there are specific socio-cultural factors different from those of the general population, given the over-representation of foreigners among victims and victims; whereas post-femicide suicides have a specific uniqueness because they have different quantitative characteristics from those occurring in the general population; and that in partner breakdown and violence in couples preceding a femicide there are specific and unique elements that do not occur in couples in general. All of this shows that femicide in Spain has considerable aetiological complexity, which must be taken into account if this phenomenon is to be properly understood, and that it is difficult to accept a structural and monocausal explanation.

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