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Women in political spaces with a concerted agenda within the framework of regional autonomy


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It is important to create this 25-year space for reflection following the adoption of the Statute of Autonomy of the two regions of the Atlantic coast of our country. This is basically underpinned by theoretical and practical international advancement of the individual and collective human rights of indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples, especially the right to self-determination. In addition, it lays the foundations for progress towards the establishment of a truly multi-ethnic, multicultural and multilingual state. Specifically, I would like to see this reflection framed in Article 25 (14) of the Staff Regulations, which sets out: Promoting the integration, development and participation of women in all aspects of the region’s political, social, cultural and economic life. We cannot deny that legislative changes have given rise to opportunities and challenges, especially as regards the effective and comprehensive exercise of women’s human rights. Women’s political participation has shown an increase in recent years, although a significant deficit of women in political positions, including those in local power, remains. One of the greatest gains has been the considerable development of institutional experiences, public policies and instruments for mainstreaming the intercultural gender perspective and involving civil society, which, in the case of gender public policies, are the main promoter of change and its permanence over time. One of the most notable examples is the widespread use of policies to combat domestic violence.

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