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Gender perspective in judicial proceedings and decisions against violence against women



ID: <oai:doaj.org/article:5b0d4c33f05c466980c0db60e8ca26d0>·DOI: <10.35381/racji.v5i1.630>


Los Judges must apply the gender perspective in cases where acts of violence against women arise, since they play a transformative role in the face of formal, material and structural inequality at the time of trial, when judging are agents of change in the design and implementation of people’s life project, the purpose of the law is to combat asymmetric power relations, patterns of inequality that affect the development of men and women within society. These judicial decisions should not only guarantee rights, but should also be preventive, and necessary to eradicate a life free from violence against women. The type of research applied in the article was qualitatively quantitative, with emphasis on qualitative research which within the Legal Argumentation by Judges incorporates gender equality approaches in violence against women.

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